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Our simple and short answer is yes. All of our products should be used within 6 months. Since we do not add preservatives, there is a shorter shelf life. Also, many of our soaps contain fresh additives like fruits, vegetables, and vegan milk alternatives, which do not last forever. Think about our soaps like food from a bakery, the fresher and higher end cupcakes will spoil before the cheap cake wrapped in plastic. 


NRB's Beauty Founder & CEO: Naomi Barer

All About Us

Our Vision  

Clean, happy and healthy for life.

Our Mission

Blending high quality and gentle ingredients into fresh, luxury, handcrafted products, NRB's Beauty makes healthy and clean bodies accessible for all skin types.   

The NRB's Story   

It all started in 2006 when at age 3, NRB's Beauty founder Naomi Barer began collecting soaps from around the world. By the time her massive collection won an exhibition award at the 2014 Washington State Fair, 10-year-old Naomi had already come to realize all too many expensive "gentle" and "natural" luxury soaps irritated her sensitive skin.

While not many 5th graders decide to

learn how soap is made, Naomi

immersed herself into crafting recipes 

gentle enough for her incredibly

sensitive skin, but also effective at

cleaning, had fun scents and looked

spectacular.  Soon classmates, parents

and teachers were placing orders for

Naomi's soaps. Regional arts and craft

fairs followed, where the pre-teen

regularly outsold professionals six times

her age. Over the years, her customer

base grew while cultivating repeat buyers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a 16-year-old Naomi decided it was time to fill the continuing demand for high quality soaps by globally launching NRB's Beauty, allowing customers around the world to buy the company's creative, fun, luxury handcrafted products from the safety of their own homes.  

NRB's patent-pending soap process and formula are always free of harsh preservatives, animal products, and animal testing. 


Naomi & NRB's Beauty at a craft fair in 2016 

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