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Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes NRB's special?

Do You Accept Returns?

Many of the soaps you can buy, even premium-priced brands with their own retail stores are actually labeled "beauty bar" or "cleanser" for a reason: they contain lab-created ingredients that while cheaper to make, are not as effective or gentle as natural soap.

Our soap is genuine handmade crafted in small batches. We do not use artificial cleansers, detergents or preservatives. Unlike other handmade companies, we stay away from the cheaper harsh chemicals and focus on creating pure and luxurious soaps. 

Does your soap expire?

Our simple and short answer is yes. All of our products are best when used within 6 months -- after which they are still safe and effective, but with less color, scent and ability to hold its form with use. Since we do not add preservatives, there is a shorter shelf life. Also, many of our soaps contain fresh additives like fruits, vegetables, and vegan milk alternatives, which do not last forever. Think about our soaps like food from a bakery- the fresher and higher end cupcakes spoil before the cheap cake wrapped in plastic...but which would you rather eat?

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! Anywhere that USPS can ship to we can send our quality handmade products. Everyone uses soap so why limit to the US?

What are cold processed and glycerin soaps?

Cold process soap is made from scratch from the base oils we choose. It tends to have more of a lotion-like feel. Glycerin soap is created from a soap base that we turn into beautiful and special pieces. Glycerin soap is more translucent, very bubbly and fun. Both processes create special, one of a kind bars of soap that will change your life and make you never want to go back to synthetic soaps and detergents.  

My soap arrived damaged, what do I do?

In the rare event of your soap arriving damaged or with the wrong product please contact us using the chat function or send us an email at

We accept all returns. All you need to do is contact us, let us know your reason, and we will give you a full refund. 

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